This position is open until Jan. 5, 2015 or until filled.

Position Title: Facilitation Program Coordinator Status: 1.0 FTE Reports to and Evaluated by: Director of Equity & Community Programs Compensation: $36,000 – $48,000 w/ health benefits The Facilitation Program positions will work with community-based groups, non-profit organizations, businesses and government agencies to provide high quality, culturally responsive, equity-informed, facilitation services. Women, candidates of color, and community members with a lived history in non-traditional group facilitation experiences are strongly encouraged to apply.

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Application Question: 

How would you describe your facilitation style?

PRIMARY PURPOSE The position is responsible for 1) the development and coordination of the facilitation program, which serves community-based groups, non-profit organizations, businesses and government agencies, and 2) providing facilitation services in support of RNW’s other programs. ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS Program Development and Implementation
  • Set goals for program growth in alignment with organization’s vision, mission and values.
  • Develop and implement plans for achieving program goals.
  • Promote Facilitation Program and other RNW programs through client development efforts and outreach activities.
  • Integrate facilitation program with other RNW programs.
  Direct Facilitation Services and Case Management The Facilitation Program Coordinator provides facilitation services (which may include trainings and group mediations) to RNW clients, directly and in coordination with other staff, volunteer and contract facilitators. Aspects of facilitation services include:
  • Initial client intake, case assessment, and fee agreement
  • Organizational needs assessment
  • Case design and development of all aspects of case flow (staffing; identification and communication with stakeholders; process design; handling logistics; coaching and prepping facilitators; facilitation, usually in partnership with a co-facilitator; preparing written materials; offering consultation and coaching to clients; case completion procedures; debriefing process and subsequent case follow-up; etc.)
  • Tracking and maintaining case information and statistics, including post-facilitation data and client evaluations
  Facilitator Training The Facilitation Program Coordinator designs and implements a facilitator training program for volunteers, which includes:
  • Promoting, recruiting, interviewing and selecting a diverse pool of volunteers for the facilitation training program
  • Coordinating and implementing volunteer training
  • Monitoring and evaluating the skills and abilities of volunteer facilitators to ensure best practices and to comply with RNW policies and procedures
  • Coordinating volunteer recognition
  Coordination of Facilitators
  • Develop and maintain pool of facilitators, including staff, contractors, and volunteers.
  • Assign cases (to self and/or other facilitators) and manage the flow of work, with an emphasis on effectively managing resources and program goals.
  • Track progress and ensure quality services.
  • Develop and participate in a process for giving and receiving feedback with staff, contract and volunteer facilitators to ensure continual self-reflection and co-creation of a learning environment.
  Administrative Responsibilities and Other Duties:
  • Participate in organizational equity initiatives (on a rotating basis with other staff) and actively work to integrate best practices for equity and empowerment in all program areas.
  • Participate in staff meetings.
  • Participate in annual review of facilitation fee structure.
  • Partner with administrative staff to ensure timely billing, fee collection, and payment to contractors for facilitation cases.
  • Conduct annual evaluation of volunteer program.
  • Compile and summarize information and data at least quarterly and as requested.
  • Other duties as assigned.
  QUALIFICATIONS Experience, Education and/or Training:
  1. Basic mediation training and apprenticeship in compliance with Oregon Administrative Rules training requirements for community mediation programs (minimum of 30 hours).
  2. Minimum of 100 hours of advanced/continuing facilitation training.
  3. Minimum of 5 years of experience in facilitation (including large and small group facilitation, group mediation, facilitation training, process design, and case management).
  4. Minimum of 3 years of experience supervising, mentoring and motivating volunteers.
  5. Experience working with diverse and under-represented populations.
  6. Experience developing and implementing conflict resolution curriculum.
  7. Experience building programs and/or training opportunities that accommodate different ages, cultural world views and learning styles.
  8. Experience strategizing and implementing large-group and multi-party group facilitated processes in conflict situations.
  9. Experience with organizational development, community organizing, and/or public engagement a plus. 
  Skills & Areas of Knowledge
  1. Excellent communication (written and oral), analytical and presentation skills.
  2. Intercultural competency and responsiveness; strong cross-cultural communication and equity awareness and skill.
  3. Ability to work independently and as a team member.
  4. Knowledge of principles and practices of effective supervision of volunteers including techniques for evaluating and giving feedback.
  5. Strong conflict resolution skills.
  6. Ability to recognize and address underlying issues of racial and social justice and equity.
  7. Ability to effectively apply case management principles, practices, methods and techniques.
  8. Ability to prioritize among multiple projects and tasks and meet deadlines; strong organizational and time management skills.
  9. Familiarity with guidelines and regulations of the Oregon Dispute Resolution Commission (ODRC) and the Oregon Mediation Association (OMA).
  10. Knowledge of computer and basic software including MS office and data management systems.
  Physical Demands:
  1. Ability to execute physical activities required to perform the responsibilities including, but not limited to, regular standing, sitting and typing, continuous talking and listening in person and on the phone.
  2. Ability to travel to meetings in the Portland metropolitan area.
  3. Ability to transport supplies (e.g., chart-packs and easels).
  Work Environment: This position will work in a traditional shared office setting at a desk with a computer and a phone. The Facilitation Program Coordinator must manage a flexible work schedule, including some evening and occasional weekend work. Resolutions Northwest empowers individuals and communities to resolve conflict, advance racial and social justice, engage in collaborative communication, and repair harm. Resolutions Northwest embraces excellence through diversity, advocates the principles and spirit of affirmative action and is strongly committed to the promotion of race, gender, ability and class equity through our hiring process. Candidates from traditionally disenfranchised communities are highly encouraged to apply.