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Consider the Source

by Maria Scanelli Having tough conversations to advance racial and social justice is part of our mission. In fact, it is our mission. Conversations about perspective and understanding impacts are hard. They are hard even when two people are in the same room experiencing the 'same' conversation. That hard increases exponentially when we debate issues with false or faulty information. Portland, for example, is at center of a nation discussion amongst people who are nowhere near here! But this isn’t just a Portland phenomena. Disinformation campaigns are alive and well. Take the time to fact check and source articles and headlines. Learn some ways to do so here  https://getpocket.com/explore/item/u-s-election-2020-how-to-spot-and-fight-misinformation.

Consider the Source2020-10-12T12:59:06-07:00

Covid, Fires, Presidential Elections and Children

by Gabi Ross The upcoming presidential elections further fuel a climate of hate that also impacts children.  As we cope with unprecedented circumstances, we tend to normalize ways of being that aren’t normal. While this is a survival mechanism, it may lead us to overlook or minimize the effects on children and youth.  Both, the Covid pandemic and the fires along the West Coast, have escalated the housing crisis for many. Children whose families are homeless (defined as living in a shelter, sharing housing with others or staying in cars, motels, trailer parks, camp grounds or other inadequate arrangements due to lack of stable housing) have educational rights as specified by the McKinney-Vento Act.  Those include staying at their school of origin or being able to immediately enroll in a school where they are currently staying without having to produce documents such as certificates of residency, guardianship papers (unaccompanied homeless youth [...]

Covid, Fires, Presidential Elections and Children2020-10-12T11:25:35-07:00

What Happened to Karen?

By Carrie Fuentes and Teri Pierson  So….2020, am I right?  Our Training and Consultation team has been pretty busy lately, as you can imagine. We have successfully been able to transition our in-person training to a virtual training space with just a few instances of technical awkwardness.  In July, we launched the training “Am I Karen?” complete with video clips of different folks asking and wondering if “Am I Karen? I am Karen. Do better Karen.” We defined a “Karen” as a white woman who weaponizes her status in society to falsely accuse Black folks of a crime or infraction. We’ve seen multiple videos of white women who are seen crying, screaming, claiming attacks, feigning assault and so many other atrocious behaviors simply because Black and Brown folks were living their lives.  The response to this workshop offering was tremendous! We had over 150 white folks try to sign up [...]

What Happened to Karen?2020-10-12T11:30:43-07:00
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