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Resources: Social barometer [download PDF] White Supremacy Culture [download PDF] Oregon history timeline [download PDF]
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Restorative Justice Specialist for a Day

Relationships built on trust, accountability, compassion, and care for self and others. “There is always another crisis,” Sharlivia Slaughter explains. “I walk in at 8am and it’s different everyday. This morning I was welcomed by an enraged young woman. She was reeling from a post on
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From Conflict to Discovery

FROM CONFLICT TO DISCOVERY. Overcome conflict in the workplace and fuel the creative process. You’re in a meeting, maybe your team is putting together a proposal for the next big project and so far the ideas on the table don’t sit well with you. Instantly, you feel a rock in your stom
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What Are the Summer Interns Up To this Year?

Last November, we held a fundraiser to establish a new tradition at Resolutions Northwest. Retiring executive director, Betsy Coddington, raised money to fund the Youth Internship Trust. She wanted to leave behind a legacy of bringing youth into the conflict resolution/social justice
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New Executive Director Debra Kolodny.

The energy that surrounds new executive director Debra Kolodny, is contagious. She walks the halls with confidence and compassion, her curly purple-streaked hair trailing behind her. She joined the team in February spending hours meeting one-on-one with staff, remaining curious and in
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Walking the Mediation Talk

Every year Resolutions Northwest trains a new group of mediators. They complete 30 plus hours of training and then a handful go on to become volunteer mediators. They commit to volunteering three hours once a week for a year doing case development, mediation, and outreach. Throughout
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A Day in the Life of a Restorative Justice Coordinator

I sat with Natalia, Restorative Justice Coordinator for Rigler Elementary School, the Friday before spring break. She claimed it was a mellow day, but from where I was sitting, it seemed pretty intense. Students burst into her office all day. They are a ball of emotions and some are r
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What it Takes to (re)Build a Community – Northeast Portland

On February 20th, Keela Johnson and Theresa Logan facilitated a dialogue at Portland Playhouse in Northeast Portland. Community organizations and businesses worked together with the RNW team to create space for a conversation that often gets shelved – in other community settings when
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Community Dialogue

Dialogue is one of the most important forms of human communication. It provides opportunities to confront bias and build empathy. Keela Johnson, UR Coordinator, and Kristie Duyckinck, UR Volunteer, are facilitating this year’s first UR Community Dialogue. Two hours a week for six week
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