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“I was lucky enough to spend my summer interning with Resolutions Northwest and was given the opportunity to turn my dream of planning a student leadership conference into a reality ... This is the biggest project I have ever coordinated, and I am forever grateful to RNW for believing in me and helping make this all possible.” – Abby Alvarez “It was a great work environment. It didn’t feel like we were just there to get coffee; we actually felt important.” – Rimona Araya Dear Friends & Supporters, On March 10, 2018, two RNW Youth Interns, Rimona Araya and Abby Alvarez, launched the YouthFirst Conference, a youth-organized and youth-led conference that brought together over 60 youth from the Portland Metro Area to talk about youth voice, leadership, equity and restorative justice. I’m writing today to ask for your support in funding three Summer Youth Interns to plan and facilitate the 2019 conference [...]

Restorative Justice Moves Outside of School and Criminal Justice Walls

Photo: Resolutions Northwest Trainers Natalia Matthews and Gabriele Ross (in the middle) joined by Barbara Diamond (second from right), her fabulous Diamond Law staff and by Sherman Henry (on the far left), Instructor at the Labor Education Resource Center at the University of Oregon. RNW is beginning to explore applying Restorative Justice philosophy and practice beyond education and juvenile justice settings. In recent months, we have been working with unions, activists, and houseless villages to share these tools and approaches, supporting them to create practices and policies that address their issues restoratively before they escalate. Unions and Activists RNW Restorative Justice Trainers presented at the “Acute” Conference in March of 2018. The conference is organized by Diamond Law and intends to assist union members in recognizing and addressing implicit bias and microaggression in the workplace. This is what Barbara Diamond, a long-time lawyer for unions, says about the importance of restorative justice [...]

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RNW Spring Newsletter

The Resolutions Northwest team has been hard at work training organizations and institutions around equity and centering youth voices around leadership, restorative justice and social justice. Our Equity training team recently facilitated 10 sessions with over 300 judges and staff for the Multnomah Circuit Court – working to impact change at the individual, institutional, and systemic level. We've shared a bit of feedback from the judges and staff below ... [Read more]

2018 YouthFirst Conference

On March 10, our two youth interns led a remarkable YouthFirst Conference for Portland-area youth at the Boys & Girls Club. Abby Alvarez and Rimona Araya joined RNW as summer youth interns in July 2017 through our Youth Legacy Internship. They participated in several of our Restorative Justice trainings and then continued to research, plan, and execute a spring conference that focused on community, youth leadership, restorative justice, and equity. Aside from monthly meetings and light-touch advising, the youth procured a logo, designed the program, secured speakers, presenters and panelists, and emceed the entire day. They also secured in-kind donations from local businesses Spielman Bagels, New Seasons, and Chipotle. On the day of the event, Abby and Rimona welcomed and inspired over 60 youth attendees. The event was held at the beautiful Rockwood Boys & Girls Club on 454 SE 165th Ave in East Multnomah County/Gresham, thanks to generous program [...]

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2018 Spirit of Carrie Jo Award

Resolutions Northwest staff members are committed to celebrating the spirit of long-term staff member Carrie Jo Stairs on or around February 5th (Carrie Jo’s Birthday), during which we acknowledge one (or two!) of the RNW volunteers who most embody the “Spirit of Carrie Jo.” Carrie Jo touched our lives in many ways. We appreciate the following qualities and gifts Carrie Jo shared with the world: Compassion and presence with tremendous patience Playfulness and humor in any situation Advocacy for individuals and groups that have difficulty navigating and are not cared for by our larger social-economic systems Vulnerable strength and courageous boundary setting Vitality of self-nurturing through the senses Grace amidst most difficult or painful moments Willingness to open one’s heart and love all people We acknowledge you: Kellie Shaw and Guadalupe Astorga Ramos with the “Spirit of Carrie Jo” award along with a gift of gratitude!   Kellie Shaw joined RNW's volunteer [...]

Restorative Justice: Spring Newsletter

In our Restorative Justice Spring Newsletter we've included resources for walkouts, trainings, updates, appreciation, and a recap of our 2018 YouthFirst Conference on restorative justice, equity, and community. With your schools and youth communities, we invite you to consider: Holding space for events including circles around the impact of violence in your community (resource: Circle Forward). Reiterating to students that if they hear anything about plans to harm, even if they think it's not valid, to communicate with students, teachers, and staff immediately. Affirming to youth that you are doing everything in your power to keep them safe. We are sending strength and fortitude to the students and staff engaged in active protest. [Read more]

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