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RNW Spring Newsletter

The Resolutions Northwest team has been hard at work training organizations and institutions around equity and centering youth voices around leadership, restorative justice and social justice. Our Equity training team recently facilitated 10 sessions with over 300 judges and staff for the Multnomah Circuit Court – working to impact change at the individual, institutional, and systemic level. We've shared a bit of feedback from the judges and staff below ... [Read more]


Zoom helpers: Quick video on how to join a meeting Quick video on how to configure your audio and video or troubleshoot problems Quick video on meeting controls More General Resources: White Supremacy Culture (Tema Okun and many other contributors) Gender Pronouns (Presented by Jake Edwards) Nested Model (adapted from Maire Dugan) Protractor of Racial Justice (adapted from Katrina Shields' Social Barometer) Podcasts Tea with Queen and J., "Two womanist race nerds talking liberation, politics, and pop culture over tea" Intersectionality Matters!, "The podcast that brings intersectionality to life" Seeing White, an audio documentary series by Scene on Radio. You might also want to check out their other series, such as MEN, which is co-hosted by Celeste Headlee. Intersectionality Dr. Kimberlé Crenshaw’s TED Talk, The Urgency of Intersectionality, October 2016, captions available. You can jump to her overview of intersectionality (starts after an ad, watch from about 4:53-10:56). Or watch [...]

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