Support RNW Youth Interns!

“I was lucky enough to spend my summer interning with Resolutions Northwest and was given the opportunity to turn my dream of planning a student leadership conference into a reality ... This is the biggest project I have ever coordinated, and I am forever grateful to RNW for believing in me and helping make this all possible.” – Abby Alvarez “It was a great work environment. It didn’t feel like we were just there to get coffee; we actually felt important.” – Rimona Araya Dear Friends & Supporters, On March 10, 2018, two RNW Youth Interns, Rimona Araya and Abby Alvarez, launched the YouthFirst Conference, a youth-organized and youth-led conference that brought together over 60 youth from the Portland Metro Area to talk about youth voice, leadership, equity and restorative justice. I’m writing today to ask for your support in funding three Summer Youth Interns to plan and facilitate the 2019 conference [...]

Walking the Mediation Talk

Every year Resolutions Northwest trains a new group of mediators. They complete 30 plus hours of training and then a handful go on to become volunteer mediators. They commit to volunteering three hours once a week for a year doing case development, mediation, and outreach. Throughout their service, the volunteers receive coaching from our mediation team, on-going skills development, as well as coached mock mediation sessions. This year there are eleven volunteers, and they have been navigating the world of mediation at Resolutions Northwest for nearly three months. I had the opportunity to sit with them during ‘overlap’ when they all meet between their volunteer shifts to talk about cases, lend support and advice if needed, or get some extra coaching from the RNW mediation team. The volunteer room is often full of laughter and playfulness and the group explained to me that it is because they look forward to [...]