Co-Director of Training & Consultation

Status:  Exempt, 1.0 FTE

Compensation: $60,000

Benefits: Medical, dental, flexible hours, paid leave, and more

Start Date: Immediate

Please click here for the full position description and more context about this position, the benefits we offer, and RNW’s current and evolving organizational structure.

To apply:

This position is open until filled. While late applications may be considered, we guarantee review of all applications we receive by March 21.

Please submit a resume, cover letter, and your responses to the following questions via email to If you wish, you can use a video to introduce yourself and answer the questions, but we would still like a written resume.

Application questions (suggested maximum 2 pages total; shorter responses welcome):

  1. What role can a consultant play that actually leads to change in an organization? What is one thing you have done (or that you would do) to achieve the racial and social justice outcomes you want to see?
  2. As part of the training and consultation we offer, we often facilitate affinity groups for BIPOC and learning space groups for white participants. Sometimes we offer more focused spaces – for example, we might offer multiple spaces for BIPOC to address the different experiences of Black folks, Brown / darker skin people, and light skin multiracial or white presenting folks.

Please share with us one of these groups you have particular passion and skill for working with, and how you would apply your lived experience as you facilitate in that space.

Mission & Values 

Resolutions Northwest is committed to the journey of shifting practices & structures to align with our values & mission. This is often a process of undoing, creating & committing to action for outcome shifts in pursuit of our mission of furthering racial & social justice. We are currently operating within a structure of Co-Directors, a few non-Director staff, and a rotating Governance Director (no Executive Director). We have pay equity across programs, seek increased collaboration across programs & engage our values while disengaging from white supremacy culture. Co-Directors typically participate in weekly staff meetings and two committees. We welcome candidates who have passion, willingness & commitment to integrity. We offer transparency that if typical hierarchical organizational structures are what you seek, this may not be a good fit.

Most sought-after qualifications:

The experience, knowledge and skills may be acquired informally (e.g., lived experience, volunteering) or formally (e.g., work experience or education). 

  1. Demonstrated ability to provide effective organizational equity training, consultation, coaching, facilitation, assessment, and organizational policy development, particularly with non-profit organizations and public agencies.
  2. Long-term lived experience and ongoing relationships with BIPOC communities.
  3. Demonstrated knowledge and working application of concepts, language, and frameworks such as critical race theory, intersectional feminism, and settler colonialism. (Note: It is not the exact jargon that is necessary to the position, but the ability to analyze organizational dynamics and to frame and present them in ways that advance outcomes around racial and social justice.)