Request for Proposals

Resolutions NW Executive Director Recruitment

Resolutions Northwest is searching for its next Executive Director and wishes to partner with a search firm or individual search consultant to assist with this recruitment.

About Resolutions NW


Mission and programs

Resolutions Northwest (RNW) is an innovative and responsive organization working at the intersection of conflict resolution, mediation, racial justice, and restorative justice. Our mission is to facilitate honest dialogue to resolve conflict and advance racial and social justice. Our values include:

  • SOCIAL JUSTICE: An equitable and inclusive world in which every one of us can realize our fullest potential.
  • INTEGRITY: Taking risks, accepting responsibility for our mistakes, and committing to continual self-examination.
  • RELATIONSHIPS: Relationships built on trust, accountability, compassion, and care for self and others.
  • COMMUNITY: Providing spaces and frameworks for people to build trust, connect across differences, and take the lead in their own transformation.

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History and current situation

Founded 35 years ago, RNW has experienced significant evolution over the past six years:

  • In 2014, RNW merged with Uniting to Understand Racism and realigned its mission and strategy to incorporate an intentional racial and social justice lens into all services to further our desire for a more equitable and just community.
  • In 2015, RNW’s long-time executive director retired and a search was conducted for her replacement. The subsequent executive director transitioned out of RNW in the summer of 2017, and the current executive director, a long-time staff member, was appointed to the position.
  • During her tenure, the current executive director has spearheaded an intentional integration of RNW’s programs, and has brought staff together to explore key issues of equity and trust within the organization itself. This challenging process has contributed to staff turnover throughout RNW. Some of this process can be understood through a series of videos produced by RNW staff in 2019, available at:
    While we have made progress and are in a hopeful place, supporting the continued evolution of RNW’s staff culture, board/staff relationship, and organizational structure to better reflect our values will be a major focus for the new executive director.
  • Over the past several years Resolutions NW has also undergone major shifts in its revenue streams. Throughout most of its history, RNW was primarily funded through relatively stable, large, ongoing grants and contracts from the State of Oregon, the City of Portland, and several school districts. These funding sources have declined dramatically in the past several years, and the organization has successfully transitioned to a more diversified revenue scenario including private grants (approx. 30% of total revenue), individual giving (approx. 8%), and fee for service (approx. 43%).
  • The advent of Covid-19 has presented a challenge to our fee-for-service revenues; yet staff are using this opportunity to develop new programs and services that can be delivered remotely and that hold potential for expanding our reach and impact over time. Our budget has been approximately $1 million/year for the last several years.

About the Executive Director Position

The new executive director will support the development of a renewed culture within RNW that closely reflects its values through shared leadership and decision-making. The new executive will collaborate with staff to shape this new structure, and will collaborate with the staff and board to articulate a clear vision and strategy for moving RNW’s mission forward.

Reporting to the Board of Directors and directly supervised by the Executive Committee of the Board, the Executive Director’s key responsibilities include: facilitation of collective vision and shared strategy; support in envisioning organizational structures outside the a white supremestic structure supporting collaborative systems of management, program oversight, and resource and partnership development within the staff; supporting the Board of Directors; and managing the financial, legal, and administrative affairs of RNW. Key competencies and experience are likely to include:

  • Deep knowledge and experience of the principles of equity, diversity and inclusion
  • Experience leading a diverse team
  • Experience in collaborative leadership models
  • Skilled facilitator and planner
  • Demonstrated experience in the mentorship and development of others
  • Demonstrated experience developing revenue from various sources
  • Successful experience cultivating and maintaining productive partnerships
  • A capable administrator versed in the principles of business planning, budgeting, financial management, and human resources.

The successful candidate will need to be a highly collaborative individual adept at helping a group self-organize to identify its vision and purpose and implement programs within a relatively flat structure. The individual will have capacity and passion for supporting staff members to evolve into leadership roles. The individual will be able to deal with paradox, resolve conflict, and navigate complexity while adhering to an effective set of core values and beliefs and building trust up, down, and sideways.

The current annual salary for this position (FY19-20) is $78,000. The salary range may be modified as the search process is designed. Additional benefits include full health, vision, dental and alternative care coverage for the employee; opportunity to add dependents; three weeks of paid vacation plus two personal days; 10 paid holidays; and paid sick and bereavement leave.

Request for Proposals

Search firms/consultants interested in working with RNW in the identification and recruitment of our next executive leader are invited to submit proposals for consideration by the Executive Director Search Committee. Proposals should contain the following information:

  • Details of your proposed approach, process, and methodology, including how you will:
    1. Assist the search committee in refining the position description
    2. Conduct outreach to potential candidates (including active and passive recruitment methods)
    3. Screen potential candidates and present lead candidates to the search committee
    4. Assist the search committee with initial interviews and selecting finalists
    5. Assist the search committee in gathering feedback on finalists from key stakeholders including the full board and staff
    6. Assist the search committee with final interviews, candidate selection, offer, and negotiations
    7. Reflect RNW’s values as listed above throughout the recruitment and selection process.
    8. Detail the expected responsibilities of the search committee
  • The firm and specific recruiter(s)’ experience and qualifications, including:
    1. Experience in public or non-profit sector executive placement.
    2. Experience in or with Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) hiring practices, specifically related to placing executive candidates from diverse backgrounds and centering equity into the search process.
    3. The firm’s and the specific executive recruiter(s)’ depth and breadth of network within the fields of equity, racial and social justice, conflict resolution, education, and related fields.
    4. Examples of successful placements in related fields, for organizations of similar size, and using equity-centered processes.
  • Proposed pricing structure and estimated fee.
  • Placement guarantee, if any.
  • When the proposer can begin work on the project.
  • Three references from previous search processes.

Submission of Proposals

Please submit completed proposals to; Attn: Ajai Huja, Board Member and Search Committee Chair

Please include “Executive Director Search RFP” in the subject line.

Proposals must be received by 5:00 p.m. on July 8, 2020.

Anticipated Timeline

We anticipate that search firm interviews will be conducted approximately the week of July 13. The search will begin as soon as possible following the selection.


Please direct any questions about this RFP to with “Executive Director Search RFP Question” in the subject line.

PDF LINK: ED Search Firm RFP v2


Resolutions Northwest offers a limited number of community volunteer mediator and facilitator slots in its annual basic mediation and facilitator training workshops. Volunteer mediators commit service immediately following successful completion of their basic training. More information can be found on our volunteer opportunity page.

Resolutions Northwest offers a limited number of unpaid internship opportunities. If you are interested, please download and return this application to

Your completed form will remain in our file. If the opportunity to host an intern arises, we will contact you directly for more information.

[download Application]

What’s different about RNW’s youth internship project? Interns at RNW aren’t filing papers or making copies. Youth get experience developing ways to support their high school peers. The program and activities are youth driven. More information can be found on our youth internship page.