Application Deadline: We will be accepting applications on a rolling basis until the position is filled. We will begin reviewing applications Nov 23rd 2020.

Application Instructions

Please submit:

1. Resume

2. Cover Letter (and/or Video) that addresses:

Previous experience with RJ

Why you believe in RJ

How you see the connection between equity and RJ and your experience applying that analysis

Why you are interested in this job

– Email documents to and write “RJ Facilitator” in the subject line

Status: .75-1.0 FTE Compensation: $60,000 for 1.0FTE; health insurance Start Date: As soon as filled


Provide restorative services to Portland Public Schools and partner with the RNW staff on other projects.


1. Provide restorative support for identified schools and staff as needed

2. Provide facilitation and support services for escalated cases as needed

3. Work collaboratively with RJ School Specialists, administrators and other PPS staff

4. Provide support at RJ trainings

5. Support other RNW staff related responsibilities such as: – Grant writing support as needed – Update existing RJ training materials

– Create new professional development materials/agendas

Serve as a spokesperson for all RNW services and programs

6. Participate in RNW initiatives to align our values and mission in practice organizationally and in our services. (See values/mission below)

7. Attend RNW staff and RJ Team Meetings

8. Initiate, promote and maintain positive relationships with students,

parents, guardians, staff, admin, community partners, RNW staff and volunteers

9. Track and enter activities and case data into caseload manager

10. Other duties as needed


1. Ability to execute required responsibilities including, but not limited to, regular public presentation, providing typed communication, and extended speaking and listening in person and on the phone. Presently all services are offered on-line.

2. Ability to travel to meetings in the Portland metropolitan area and beyond.

3. Ability to transport supplies (e.g., chart-packs and easels) preferred.

Whenever necessary, RNW will make every effort to provide reasonable accommodations, in accordance with the ADA.

WORK ENVIRONMENT This position will work in a shared office setting at a desk with a computer and a phone and requires a flexible work schedule, including some evenings and weekends. This position also requires traveling to training sites, and different schools as needed. Currently the work takes place remotely.


The following qualifications and skills will be needed on the job. If you have acquired them through lived experience or professional work, please show how you have demonstrated them. If not, please let us know what support you would need to acquire them.

Experience, Education and/or Training

1. Knowledge of and experience with restorative justice in school, criminal justice or other settings.

2. Knowledge of and experience with facilitating restorative practices.

3. Experience developing and delivering trainings.

4. Public speaking experience.

Skills & Areas of Knowledge

1. Demonstrated ability to recognize and address underlying issues of racial and social justice and equity.

2. Long-term lived experience, and on-going relationships, with diverse and under-represented communities.

3. Intercultural competency and responsiveness; strong cross-cultural communication and applied equity awareness.

4. Ability to work independently and collaboratively with a wide range of individuals & entities.

5. Strong conflict resolution skills. Mediation skills preferred.

6. Demonstrated ability to effectively apply case management principles, practices, methods and techniques.

7. Demonstrated ability to prioritize among multiple projects and tasks and meet deadlines.

8. Strong organizational and time management skills.

9. Demonstrated experience facilitating productive conversations about conflict resolution and racial / social justice.

10. Willingness and ability to handle multiple tasks and conflicting priorities effectively.

11. Competency working with MS Office software (Word, Excel), database systems and familiarity with web-based data management systems (such as Caseload Manager and CiviCRM) and HTML formatting.

12. Ability to manage flexible work schedule, including some evenings.


1. Ideal candidate would have second language fluency.

Resolutions Northwest embraces excellence through diversity, advocates the principles and spirit of affirmative action, and is strongly committed to the promotion of: race, gender, ability and class equity, throughout our programs and services. To this end, RNW is an equal opportunity employer. People encouraged to apply include Black, Indigenous, Latinx; people of color; people who are gender non-binary; people with disabilities; and LGBTQ candidates.

Mission and Values

Resolutions Northwest is committed to the journey of shifting practices and structures to align with our values and mission. This is often a process of undoing, creating and committing to action for outcome shifts in pursuit of our mission of furthering racial and social justice. We are currently reorganizing to a flatter hierarchy, have pay equity across programs, seek increased collaboration across programs and engage our values while disengaging from white supremacy culture. We welcome candidates who have passion, willingness and commitment to walk in integrity with us on this path. We offer transparency that if typical hierarchal organizational structures are what you seek this may not be a good fit.

POSITION TITLE: Executive Director

REPORTS TO: Board of Directors and directly supervised by the Execute Committee of the Board

START DATE: Early November

COMPENSATION: Salary range $73,000 to $83,000


Resolutions Northwest (RNW) is an innovative and responsive organization working at the intersection of conflict resolution, racial justice, and restorative justice. Our mission is to facilitate honest dialogue to resolve conflict and advance racial and social justice.

Our values include:

  • SOCIAL JUSTICE: An equitable and inclusive world in which every one of us can realize our fullest potential.
  • INTEGRITY: Taking risks, accepting responsibility for our mistakes, and committing to continual self-examination.
  • RELATIONSHIPS: Relationships built on trust, accountability, compassion, and care for self and others.
  • COMMUNITY: Providing spaces and frameworks for people to build trust, connect across differences, and take the lead in their own transformation.

RNW’s budget has been approximately $1 million/year for the last several years with funding primarily coming from fundraising (50k), government contracts (100k), grants (330k) and fee-based revenue (570k).

RNW is committed to seeing ourselves and working together to shift our outcomes closer to our values. Click here to see how.

Learn more at


The new executive director will support the development of a renewed culture within RNW that closely reflects its values through shared leadership and decision-making that moves RNW’s mission forward. RNW recently removed hierarchy among staff positions other than the executive director. The new director will play a key role in collaborating with staff and board to continue shaping a flatter organizational structure. While staff working groups are currently in development to share leadership around staff management, program oversight and evaluation, and developing budgets; the new executive director will hold final responsibility in staff management; resource and partnership development; program oversight and evaluation; shaping a healthy organizational culture; supporting the Board of Directors; and managing the financial, legal, and administrative affairs of the organization.


The successful candidate will need to bring authenticity and openness to the role. The individual will have capacity and passion for supporting staff members to evolve as professionals. The individual will be able to deal with paradox, resolve conflict, and navigate complexity while adhering to an effective set of core values and beliefs and building trust up, down, and sideways. This individual will be highly collaborative and adept at helping to identify its vision and purpose and implement programs.


Organization Mission and Strategy

  • Provide leadership in the collaborative development and implementation of RNW’s strategic direction
  • Support RNW’s vision to move away from a white supremacist organizational structure, including collaborative systems of management, peer supervision, and program oversight
  • Facilitate and ensure support for internal teams to define, develop, and refine programs that align with goals and strategic approaches
  • Ensure evaluation of RNW’s programs and services, including regular feedback loops for continual learning and improvement
  • Build on RNW’s image by being active and visible in the community, including communities of color, and by working closely with other professional, civic, and private organizations
  • Continue to hone RNW’s commitment and niche around racial justice, restorative justice, and conflict resolution
  • Work with development and communications staff to conceptualize and implement communication activities and publications to convey vision and goals

Resource and Partnership Development

  • Refine RNW’s business model to build on organization’s strengths and diversified revenue sources
  • Work with the Dir. of Fund Development & Communications to develop and implement fundraising and other passive revenue stream goals to advance RNW’s mission and services
  • Lead collaborative efforts to identify grant funding opportunities, and write, submit, and manage grant proposals
  • Collaborate with Board and Staff to develop new resources and partnerships

Administration, Finance & Legal

  • Develop and manage an annual budget of $1M in collaboration with staff and the Finance Committee and approved by the Board of Directors
  • Manage the financial, legal, and administrative affairs of RNW
  • Strengthen internal systems of operation
  • Continue the ongoing analysis of policies and procedures to decenter whiteness and fully support staff in their growth and performance
  • Manage payroll, administer employee benefits, and maintain employee records
  • Ensure RNW is appropriately insured to avoid anticipated risks

Board Support

  • Maintain a strong working relationship with the Board of Directors
  • Communicate effectively with the Board and providing, in a timely and accurate manner, all information necessary for the Board to function properly and to make informed decisions
  • Assist the Board in recruitment, orientation, training and evaluation activities

Organizational Culture

  • Foster a healthy work environment that models RNW values in staff relationships, including collaboration, personal reflection, honest communication and early conflict management


  • 5 years of experience with restorative justice, equity, conflict resolution and mediation
  • Deep knowledge and experience of the principles of equity, diversity, and inclusion
  • Experienced in the principles of business planning, budgeting, financial management, and human resources
  • Experienced in fund development, grant writing and fundraising
  • Transparent and high integrity leadership
  • High level strategic thinking and planning
  • Ability to envision and convey the organization’s strategic future to the staff, board, donors, and the overall community
  • Demonstrated ability to collaborate with staff
  • Work together with staff to build upon existing systems and processes to create a flatter organizational structure
  • Ability to bring equity analysis to decisions and processes
  • Long-term lived experience and on-going relationships with communities of color, including the African American community
  • Demonstrated supervisory experience with a strong intersectional racial justice analysis and ability to navigate dynamics of power and identity


Resolutions Northwest embraces excellence through diversity, advocates the principles and spirit of affirmative action, and is strongly committed to the promotion of race, gender, ability and class equity throughout our programs and services. To this end, RNW is an equal opportunity employer. Candidates representing oppressed races, nationalities, genders, untapped and under-resourced communities are highly encouraged to apply. Candidates are encouraged to share with the selection committee how your lived experience prepares you to excel in this position.


Due to the COVID crisis, RNW is currently working remotely and the new Executive Director would be able to do the same provided selected candidate is based in metro-Portland.


Additional benefits include full health, vision, dental and alternative care coverage for the employee; opportunity to add dependents; three weeks of paid vacation plus two personal days; 10 paid holidays; and paid sick and bereavement leave.


Email the below documents to

  1. Resume
  2. Responses to the below application questions
  3. Cover letter or video message

Application Questions

For the following questions, please feel free to draw on your professional experience, volunteer roles, and/or other lived experience. We ask you to limit your response to 500 words.

  1. What experience do you bring that prepares you to lead in the following areas? a) program or organization, b) finances / budget, and c) community relations
  2. What experience do you bring for helping RNW shift toward systems and practices of liberation and collaboration, and away from models based in white supremacy / dominant culture?


Resolutions Northwest offers a limited number of community volunteer mediator and facilitator slots in its annual basic mediation and facilitator training workshops. Volunteer mediators commit service immediately following successful completion of their basic training. More information can be found on our volunteer opportunity page.

Resolutions Northwest offers a limited number of unpaid internship opportunities. If you are interested, please download and return this application to

Your completed form will remain in our file. If the opportunity to host an intern arises, we will contact you directly for more information.

[download Application]

What’s different about RNW’s youth internship project? Interns at RNW aren’t filing papers or making copies. Youth get experience developing ways to support their high school peers. The program and activities are youth driven. More information can be found on our youth internship page.