Interrupting Everyday Racism: Family & Workplace – A Workshop for White & Light-Skin Folx (Mar 2022)

Designed as a learning space for white and light skin folks who notice a gap in how they WANT to show up for anti-racist work, and what they actually DO.

This space is open to Black, Indigenous, and people of color, with a focus on interrupting racism directed to people more impacted than you: Black and darker skin folks. BIPOC folks will NOT be expected to teach white folks.

Workshop Schedule

Thursday, March 17 1:30-4:30pm PST

Workshop Requirements

Remote via Zoom | Computer or phone w/ cam | Stable Wifi or Data

Attend this workshop if…

You know racism and white supremacy culture exist and disproportionately harm and impact Black, Indigenous, and brown people.

Reading books aren’t satisfactory and you want to put knowledge into action.

You are ready for active practice and coaching with support from facilitators.

What To Expect…

Engage Actively – practice interrupting and giving and receiving feedback.

Show Up Authentically – dress comfortably, bring food and beverages, share your space with those around you, takes breaks when you want to.

Keep Video On – let us know if you need a break for privacy or accessibility needs

Join us to build your will & skill for interrupting racism!

Accessibility Needs

We currently offer AI (artificial intelligence) services – Rev for captions and Otter for live transcription.

Contact or if you have any questions or requests about accessibility needs.

Registration Option

$145 with varying payment plan options

We also offer a PAYA option to increase accessibility. If attending this training as an employee from an org, business, or institution, please consider paying the full amount.





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Interrupting Everyday Racism: Family & Workplace – A Workshop for White & Light-Skin Folx (Mar 2022)

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