Interrupting Everyday Racism: Part 1 (March 2023)

Workshop Schedule: Wednesday, March 15 from 9:00am-12:00pm PST.

Cost: Full Fee-$200 | REGISTER HERE

This redesigned workshop is for participants looking to take a deeper look at and dive into the intricacies of interrupting racism. This Part 1 of 2 workshop series is designed for changemakers in workplace and/or community organizations with a desire to strategize and improve how they respond when racism and other -isms show up in their workplaces, communities, and lives.

Attend This Workshop If…

  • You are ready to name racism as it happens.
  • You are looking for guidance and strategies on how, when, and who to interrupt.
  • You are ready to put all you’ve learned into action.
  • You are ready for active practice and coaching with support from facilitators.

What You Can Gain

An understanding into the importance of interrupting racism.

Exploration of your individual “why,” positionalities and the potential consequences when interrupting.

Learning how power dynamics impact our ability to interrupt and strategies to overcome fear.

Learn various interrupting techniques.

Themes Emphasized

The importance of centering race.

Who’s burdened & who’s impacted.

Why DEI efforts fail.

Workshop Requirements

Remote via Zoom

Computer or phone with camera

Stable Wifi or data

Workshop Expectations

Share Perspectives – express how it feels trying to lead for racial justice in the skin you’re in.

Reflect Critically – consider who is being most impacted and how white supremacy shows up in your workplace and in your own thinking.

Actively Engage – ask questions, participate while experiencing discomfort, be willing to set aside perfectionism and practice interrupting, giving and receiving feedback.

Show Up Authentically – dress comfortably, bring food and beverages, share your space with those around you, take breaks when needed.

Keep Your Video On – let us know if you need a break for privacy or have accessibility needs.

Accessibility Needs

This training is virtual via zoom. Live transcription of our workshop will be available once the workshop begins.

Registration Option – Full Fee | $200






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Interrupting Everyday Racism: Part 1 (March 2023)

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