Institutional Equity II: Leading change, shifting systems

Starts: November 2, 2018 9:00 am | Ends: November 2, 2018 4:00 pm

In Institutional Equity I: Shift your outcomes by shifting your systems, we explore institutional equity and how your organization’s values and practices drive your outcomes. In Session II, we jump right into analyzing the qualities that tend to be rewarded in the workplace, what outcomes are created, and concrete shifts your organization can make right now.

We invite you to bring thinking, examples, and challenges from your own experiences for small-group practice during the training. Because we acknowledge the complexities and challenges of trying to shift systems from within, we will explore strategies you can employ, regardless of the position you hold within your organization, to lead the advancement of racial equity.


Institutional equity training with Resolutions Northwest that included the sun model. Last year’s Reclaiming My Time! dialogue meets the prerequisite. Next session of Institutional Equity I: Shift your outcomes by shifting your systems is on Wednesday morning, October 17, at the same location. More information and registration

Already attended our full-day institutional equity training?

While much of the content in this expanded session will be familiar, participants’ examples and contributions always add something new, so feel free to join us again.


While the concepts are applicable to interrupting multiple systemic oppressions, this training will focus on racial equity rooted in contemporary and historical analysis of anti-Blackness, intersectionality, and systems of white supremacy.

Registration Details:

Regular registration: The fee for this workshop is $240. We ask each person to pay what you are able. Space is limited. Register

Work Trade: We also offer a work-trade slot that will allow one participant to attend both the October 17 and November 2 workshops (see above) for free in exchange for assistance with setup, cleanup, purchasing refreshments with RNW funds, etc. Deadline Sept 30 Work trade

Date: Friday, November 2 @ 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

Location: Mercy Corps, Aceh Community Room, 45 SW Ankeny Street. Portland, OR 97204

Served by transit: On Red and Blue MAX lines (Skidmore Fountain stop) and within two blocks of bus lines 12, 16, 19 and 20.

Food: We’ll provide coffee, tea, a continental breakfast, and afternoon snacks. You are also welcome to bring your own food.

Deepen your equity praxis

A training is as useful as what you do with the material. We invite you to join us for our Equity Praxis Workshop, Thursday, December 20, 2018 from 10-11:30am with optional sack lunch 11:30am-1pm. This is a free session where you can get support as you engage with the successes and challenges of moving your outcomes into better alignment with your intentions.

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Event Organizers

Carlos WindhamCarlos moved to Portland from the Bay Area where he worked for Netherland & Associates as a proposal writer and accounts manager. Since landing in Portland, he has done contract work with the Multnomah Youth Commission as a Youth Development Specialist and Portland Housing Bureau as a Community Outreach and Development Professional. Carlos has significant experience in community outreach, leadership development, administration, project/team coordination, training, public speaking, media relations and community facilitation. He has dedicated both his personal and professional life to the pursuit of human rights and positive social transformation. His enthusiasm and passion for this work is energizing.

Teri PiersonTeri led her first anti-oppression training over 25 years ago, and she has been a professional facilitator for over a dozen years. Her work as a trainer, facilitator, and consultant at Resolutions Northwest and in private practice supports individuals and organizations to develop the will and capacity to bring their outcomes in line with their values, particularly around racial equity. As a white bisexual woman who grew up here in Portland, Teri is always up against her own learning edge in working for racial and social justice. She draws inspiration from her fabulous colleagues and from her practice of Aikido, a Japanese martial art that is often called “the art of peace.”


November 2, 2018 9:00 am

November 2, 2018 4:00 pm

$240 (pay as you're able)

Lead Organizer

Teri Pierson


Institutional Equity II: Leading change, shifting systems
45 Southwest Ankeny Street, Portland, OR 97204, United States

Teri Pierson

November 2, 2018 9:00 am

November 2, 2018 4:00 pm