Intro to RJ: For Schools (Mar 2023)

Workshop Schedule: Wed, Mar 8 & Thurs, Mar 9 from 12:30-4:30pm PST.

Requirements: Be a person who works in or with schools.

Cost: Min Fee-$50 | Full Fee-$250 | REGISTER HERE

Restorative practices are not just for the justice system, they can also be used for addressing conflict and building relationships in our schools. Introduction to Restorative Justice for Schools will explore how restorative practices have the potential to dismantle oppressive systems and create more equitable organizational outcomes with our youth in education.

Restorative Justice is about changing systems to address harm more meaningfully and undo systematic patterns of institutional racism and oppression. Restorative Practices are the ways in which individuals and communities can more meaningfully build relationships and address harm when it happens, and work towards restorative justice. Introduction to Restorative Justice for Schools invites you to take a look at the systems in your school through the lens of restorative values and make the changes necessary to live in integrity with those values.

Participants will engage in a supportive learning community and walk away with strategies and resources to bring back to your workplace/organization.

What You’ll Explore

The interconnectedness of equity and restorative justice.

The differences between punitive vs. restorative school cultures and processes.

The basic principles of restorative justice.

The conflict culture of your school/district.

Your first steps for creating a restorative school culture.

Themes Emphasized

Power dynamics in education culture.

Relationship and trust building.

Restorative values and principles.

Ways To Participate

Computer with camera and good internet access (best option – we’ll do some activities where we work together in a shared document, and this will allow you to participate fully)

Phone with camera and good internet access (standard data rates may apply if you don’t have wifi)

While we don’t require that your video be on at all times, we do find it important for allowing participants to connect with one another. Please let us know in your registration if participating via video will be a barrier for you.

Accessibility Needs

This training is virtual via zoom. Live Transcript is available on zoom.

Registration Option – Min Fee | $50 – Full Fee | $250







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Intro to RJ: For Schools (Mar 2023)

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