Trauma, Resiliency and Restorative Justice

Starts: 2020-10-28 13:00:00 | Ends: 2020-10-28 17:00:00

In this workshop we will examine various types of trauma and its manifestations. We will look at brain science and self-regulation as it relates to trauma. We will discuss historical and systemic trauma as a way to reframe an exclusively individual orientation. Rather than focusing on deficits, we will pay particular attention to protective factors and resiliency, including culturally specific ways of healing. Opportunities to practice restorative justice as a trauma informed practice will be offered throughout the day.

The workshop is intended for people who work with youth but could be beneficial to anybody. We will discuss self-care in the context of vicarious trauma.  


This is a remote training via Zoom. You can see some introductory videos on working with Zoom here. Ways you could participate:

  • Computer with camera and good internet access
  • Phone with camera and good internet access (standard data rates may apply)
  • If need be, you can join via phone only

Registration Details:

The fee for this workshop is $240. We ask each person to pay what you are able. Space is limited. Register here.

  • Prerequisite: None
  • Trainers: Gabriele Ross & Stephen Fowler
  • Date and time: October 28 from 1pm – 5pm

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Event Organizers

Stephen (He/They)Stephen is an activist, justice advocate, community educator, and performing artist from Portland Oregon. Convicted as a teenager, sentenced to 7.5 years in the Oregon Youth Authority, Stephen used his time to educate and expand his understanding of self-worth, potential, and purpose using art forms. Stephen is now committed to educating organizations, school districts, community members, teachers, parents, and students about the radical practice of restorative justice for collective liberation. Stephen is a Consultant, Mediator, co-founder of Verbal Escape, an employee of Resolutions Northwest, Race Talks Facilitator, and resource council member for Morpheus Youth Projects.


2020-10-28 13:00:00

2020-10-28 17:00:00

$240 (pay as you're able)

Lead Organizer

Gabriele Ross


Trauma, Resiliency and Restorative Justice

Gabriele Ross

2020-10-28 13:00:00

2020-10-28 17:00:00
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