Unlearning White Supremacy Culture (March 2023)

Workshop Schedule: Wednesday, March 8 from 9:00am-12:00pm PST.

Cost: Full Fee-$200 | REGISTER HERE

What would you do if you really valued racial justice?

Our team provides a learning atmosphere where you will be asked questions, interact with your fellow participants, receive feedback from your facilitators and maybe a few laughs might be had while we share space with one another. In this highly interactive workshop you will learn:

In this highly interactive workshop you will learn:

  • How and when white supremacy shows up in your workplace
  • How power dynamics impact decision making
  • Why common DEI efforts fail
  • Frameworks outlining how decisions have been made so far

Themes Emphasized

The importance of centering race.

Who’s burdened & who’s impacted.

Why DEI efforts fail.

Workshop Requirements

Remote via Zoom

Computer or phone with camera

Stable Wifi or data

Workshop Expectations

Share Perspectives – express how it feels trying to lead for racial justice in the skin you’re in.

Reflect Critically – consider who is being most impacted and how white supremacy shows up in your workplace and in your own thinking.

Actively Engage – ask questions, participate while experiencing discomfort, be willing to set aside perfectionism and practice interrupting, giving and receiving feedback.

Show Up Authentically – dress comfortably, bring food and beverages, share your space with those around you, take breaks when needed.

Keep Your Video On – let us know if you need a break for privacy or have accessibility needs.

Accessibility Needs

This training is virtual via zoom. Live transcription of our workshop will be available once the workshop begins.

Registration Option – Full Fee | $200






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Unlearning White Supremacy Culture (March 2023)

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