Mocks and Minis


No training will prepare you for the real-life complexities of communication, conflict resolution, and mediation. It takes time and experience to be able to navigate conflict resolution scenarios with confidence. That’s why our trainers, mediators, and facilitators have come together to offer you:

Mocks & Minis

Whatever your experience level, there’s a rich learning opportunity whether you play a role in a mock scenario or attend one of our mini trainings. Mocks & Minis start in February. Sign up for our event Bulletin to stay up to date on what’s happening, when, and where.


Intended for people who have gone through RNW’s 34 hour mediation training to practice as mediators but open to all who are interested in promoting peace in their communities (as role players). Mocks are a great way to explore the role of mediator and client. Once a month, mediators and aspiring mediators will gather to simulate various mediation scenarios. Our experienced and talented trainers will facilitate the process and offer feedback throughout the process.

New Mocks starting soon! Join our next round of Mocks starting February 2017. Learn more


Short workshops that encourage mediators to continue learning and developing their craft through the latest mediation techniques while developing new competencies as mediators and peacemakers. Our trainers will introduce complex topics and help you identify opportunities to deepen your skill set. In addition, you will be surrounded with a mix of professionals that share an interest in peacekeeping and meaningful communication.

Some topics include:

Aikido Inspired Conflict Resolution, Micro-Aggressions, Race and Mediation, Image Theatre, International Conflict Resolution, and more!