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Youth Interrupting Hate Dialogue

Resolutions is hosting a free virtual Youth Interrupting Hate Training. Throughout this training you will: Collaborate and build community with youth seeking to make change in their community Learn skills [...]

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Am I Karen?

This event has been canceled due to low enrollment. This is extremely disappointing to see. Thank you for all the work you do to create spaces for these critical dialogues. [...]

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Cross Cultural Healing Collective

Welcome to the Cross Cultural Healing Collective, a new and innovative approach to conflict mediation. The goal of this collective is to create a training, or series of trainings, of [...]

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Mediators of Color Virtual Gathering

Connect and collaborate with mediators and peacemakers from across the state! This 2-day training will cover the following topics: Balancing power imbalance How to co- particularly as POC if co-ing [...]

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