restorative justice

Our Restorative Justice Philosophy

Restorative justice is about relationships

…building, maintaining, and repairing relationships to form healthy, supportive & inclusive communities. When we do things that impact others and create harm in the community, it is our individual and collective responsibility to make things right. Restorative practices help create spaces that hold us accountable in supportive and inclusive ways.

In a school context, restorative justice is about:

  • Creating a culture of relationships and building safe school climates
  • Developing social and emotional skills
  • Creating time and space for people to building community and make things right
  • Unpacking our personal backpacks so we can be inclusive teachers and focused learners

What We Do


Resolutions Northwest has staff in several schools in the Portland Public Schools with a dedicated Restorative Justice person to provide support for youth and staff:
Rigler Elementary Beaumont Middle School
Chief Joseph/Ockley Green George Middle School
Madison High School Grant High School


The restorative justice team also is training and coaching teachers and administrators in several school districts:
Beaverton School District Reynolds School District
Vancouver School District Hillsboro School District

Victim Offender Meetings (VOM)

Our Victim Offender Meetings (VOM) program brings youth offenders and their victims together to talk about the many ripples of harm criminal behavior has caused not only to victims and the community, but often to their families and ultimately themselves. The process helps them to understand that although they can’t undo what they did, they can, and do, have a responsibility to repair the harm as much as possible.

Youth Action Team

Youth Action Team members are advocates and leaders in their schools; giving voice to injustice and inequities. Members of the action oriented group often find themselves with a small network if any at all. Youth Action Team provides a platform for them to learn, support, and collaborate with youth leaders in other schools as well as connect in their communities outside the confines of school.

Learn more. View or download a brochure in Spanish or English

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A Day in the Life of a Restorative Justice Coordinator

I sat with Natalia, Restorative Justice Coordinator for Rigler Elementary School, the Friday before spring break. She claimed it was a mellow day, but from where I was sitting, it seemed pretty intense. Students burst into her office all day. They are a ball of emotions and some are r
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A thousand feet in the trees

A ropes course to remember The Youth Action Team is entering year two with a bang. In early October a group of 11 youth journeyed out to Camp Namanu for the second year in a row. This outing is an opportunity for the team to escape the hectic, loud, intrusion of the everyday and get t
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Building a trust for the future

What’s different about RNW’s youth internship project? Interns at RNW aren’t filing papers or making copies. Youth get experience developing ways to support their high school peers. The program and activities are youth driven. Last summer two interns worked to develop a Restorative Ju
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Revisiting Discipline with Portland Parent Union

The Restorative Justice (RJ) Team at Resolutions Northwest has been  working with youth to develop an RJ Youth Advisory Committee. Youth from multiple schools across the Portland Metro area, ages ranging from 13-20, have committed time to addressing inequities in their communities and
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