mission vision values


Resolutions Northwest…

facilitates honest dialogue to resolve conflict and advance racial and social justice.

We envision inclusive and just communities in which people connect across differences and equitably share opportunities to thrive.

social justice 2

An equitable and inclusive world in which every one of us can realize our fullest potential.

Using a social justice lens in the delivery of our services, we will set the stage for social change and greater inclusivity. We are opening our doors wider and actively making our services more accessible and inclusive.

Integrity 2

Taking risks, accepting responsibility for our mistakes and committing to continual self-examination.

As we embark on our new expanded social justice journey, we will make mistakes. We are committed to acknowledging our mistakes and putting policies and procedures into place to avoid repeating them.

relationships 2

Relationships built on trust, accountability, compassion, and care for self and others.

Healthy relationships are the foundation of a healthy community. When we disagree, we listen with compassion to each other in an effort to understand and work towards finding a constructive solution. By doing so, we cultivate respectful relationships in a respectful learning environment.

community 2

Providing spaces and frameworks for people to build trust, connect across differences, and take the lead in their own transformation.

Through our services, we offer community members a safe environment to have difficult conversations and to explore deeper understandings of complex issues.