Together we create change and advance racial and social justice.

The Board of Resolutions Northwest is comprised of a group of talented and diverse individuals representing the broad cross-section of our community.  The board is committed to creating a more equitable, just and empowered community by helping Resolutions Northwest provide creative and equitable mediation and conflict resolution programs and services.

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  • Board Strategy

    The Board of Directors is a volunteer board that provides the traditional functions of program and financial oversight to the agency.  The board is active in supporting the staff, empowering them to “dream big dreams,” and to think and act in ways that support the community we serve.  The board is committed to taking steps to support four staff-identified strategic directions.

    These strategic directions include:

    • Partnering with other nonprofit agencies working with underserved and diverse communities in Portland to promote appropriate conflict resolution.
    • Developing strong youth-focused program efforts to preventatively teach peer mediation and conflict resolution skills as well as identify and intervene early with youth currently engaged in school conflict and/or the juvenile justice system.
    • Expanding facilitation programs and services to address facilitation needs in communities, public and private agencies and other settings where there is a need for better understanding and dialogue or in situations where conflict is present.
    • Fostering a greater connection to the larger community of Portland by providing many avenues through which community members can support Resolutions Northwest with their time or other resources.
  • Roles and Responsibilities

    The board meets bi-monthly to review financial statements, and provide administrative guidance.  All board members make a financial contribution to the organization and serve on working committees of the board. In addition, many board members have served, or currently serve, as volunteer mediators and/or facilitators at Resolutions Northwest.

  • Become a Member

    The ideal size of our board is between 9-12 members, and currently we have openings to fill with members who have nonprofit finance, technology, human resource or marketing experience. If board membership is not something you can consider at this time there are other ways to get involved: volunteer, or donate.

    To apply please fill out the application and return to