Understand Racism Roots

In 2004, the Understanding Racism Foundation (URF) and Oregon Uniting (OU) merged to form Uniting to Understand Racism (UUR). Many UUR Board members worked with the Oregon Supreme Court Task Force on racism and equal access to justice and inspired the creation of a dialogue-based curriculum on race and racism. During this same time, OU was working with community and developed a dialogue-based curriculum on race and racism, as well as developing Beyond the Oregon Trail curriculum for 8th graders. These two organizations came together to continue their combined work as UUR.

2014 brought forth a new era for this program with the merging of UUR and Resolutions Northwest (RNW) to form Understanding Racism (UR). The previous work of UUR is continuing under this merger with an offering of dialogue-based programs with a focus on helping participants raise awareness concerning unexamined biases and the racial structure of this nation.

The work of UR will continue to honor the work of UUR with dialogue-based programs focusing on racism and the structural dynamics and effects of racism. We will continue to honor that work by offering UR Equity in the Workplace dialogues which allows participants to have the space to deepen team/staff communication, develop more inclusive and equitable ways to work collaboratively and understand your equity footprint. We will also continue to offer a 6 Week UR Community Dialogue which is a collaborative process that allows participants to address equity matters and progress towards a sense of belonging.

If anyone is interested in learning more about how to help your organization start a conversation on equity and racial biases, or attending a UR Community Dialogue to create relationships, please check our calendar on the RNW website or feel free to contact RNW’s Dialogue Coordinator, Keela Johnson. It’s time for all of us to become educated about the effects and racism and take a stand against inequity.