Understand Racism

Our Philosophy

Dialogue is one of the most important forms of human communication a society needs in order to preserve relationships and cultivate deeper connections. If we are to develop new relationships, not just maintain the old, we need to create spaces for human connection on a deeper and more humanistic level. These connections will be made by our willingness to listen to one another, acquire knowledge, show all forms of loving-kindness and be more empathetic to those human experiences that may not be our own.

Raise Awareness of Racial Bias in All Areas of Life

Unexamined habits of thoughts about racial minorities are the single most important cause of racial harm today. Our purpose is to promote racial reconciliation and justice through honest dialogue and education. Two hours a week for six weeks you will explore racial bias inside and outside the workplace. A trained facilitator will create a safe environment in which participants can engage in guided discussion around selected readings and videos.

Understand Racism Roots. See where we came from.

What We Do

Understand Racism Community Dialogue

A collaborative process which allows participants to address equity matters and progress towards a sense of belonging. The purpose is to promote racial reconciliation and justice through honest dialogue and education.

Over six weeks community members will have the space to:

  • Create relationships
  • Explore unseen impacts of racial bias
  • Determine possible next steps to unseen impacts
  • Move toward civic engagement

Understand Racism Equity in the Workplace

Start the conversation about organizational equity and racial bias. We work with organizations, businesses, individuals, and municipalities to shift the paradigm. Together we will spend twelve hours delving deep into how hidden bias can contribute low morale and an exclusionary atmosphere for people of color.

Participants will have the space to:

  • Deepen team/staff communication
  • Explore unseen impacts of racial bias in an organizational structure
  • Develop more inclusive and equitable ways to work collaboratively
  • Move toward a more productive and creative space
  • Understand your equity footprint

Interested in learning more? Please contact: info@resolutionsnorthwest.org 503.595.4890

Facilitating Classroom Conversations About Oregon’s Racial History

This six-hour workshop will introduce participants to a: ten-lesson, middle-school, social science curriculum, designed to present a more inclusive perspective of people in Oregon, from the indigenous American Indians to more recent Oregon immigrants. Even though learning the history and experience of people of color in Oregon may be painful, it is essential to help our young people understand the full history of our state, and better prepare them to be critical thinkers and active citizens in a diverse society. Educators who have taught this curriculum for several years will share detailed tips and strategies for facilitating issues and questions that arise, particularly during dialogue about race. Participants will gain access to the entire curriculum and can easily adapt it to other grade levels.

Interested in learning more? Please contact: stephmcbride50@gmail.com  503-781-7188