Latest videos from RNW, including our fundraising series, Seeing Ourselves Within the System


A restorative inquiry begins with a series of questions, the first being… What happened?

How does your organization address conflict?  Who holds power and who feels voiceless?

What would happen if we listened, believed, and followed the lead of those most impacted by systemic oppression?

The end of this series marks the beginning of a new journey. Our commitment to our community begins with our commitment to ourselves.

Our conflict does not overshadow our good work.  Our failures inform our successes.  We will fall forward.

An honest dialogue between Nyanga Uuka (Mediation Program Coordinator) and Stephen Fowler (Restorative Justice Trainer/Coach) about what it means to be POC.

For more information and resources about who to call instead of the police, click here

Safety vs Comfort by Stephen Fowler

Impact vs Intent by Nyanga Uuka