Explore and develop new skills while building new connections in the community, by volunteering with us. Volunteers receive training, mentorship, and hands-on experience with our trainers! Give us a try and reach out!

Join this six-month comprehensive mediator training program to learn about equity-informed mediation. 

Through ongoing mentorship, volunteers apply skills and gain the confidence and experience working directly with community dispute mediations. This opportunity helps community members ease tensions and build stronger connections.

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Applications Currently Not Accepted…Stay Tuned

If you have skills you’d like to share or creative ideas and projects you’d like to see brought to light, fill out this form. 

Your completed form will remain on file and should the opportunity arise, we will contact you directly to discuss more!

RNW’s Facilitation Program designs and leads problem-solving meetings, public forums, strategic planning retreats, group mediations, multi-party processes, and community dialogues about racism. 

Application Currently Closed.

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