Antifa Means Antifascist

Many of us are slowly becoming numb to the mass shootings committed by white supremacists. Hate crimes have dramatically increased, further feeding the climate of fear. Portland has become a major target for members of a variety of white nationalists groups threatening violence to “Antifa.” There is a national debate categorizing “Antifa” as terrorist. With the sensationalist media reporting and fear mongering by official institutions, it is easy to forget what “Antifa” actually stands for. Antifa means antifascist, no more and no less. As an organization  with a mission to “advance racial and social justice” we believe that silence is no longer an option. None of us are safe until all of us are. There is a difference between “freedom of speech” and inciting violence and advocating for the elimination of entire groups of people.

We hope that the attached articles can further the public discourse to a place where we have the courage to openly state that we are all antifa. That would have made a huge difference in pre-Nazi Germany, where the term originated.

By: Gabriele Ross