People have the ability to manage their own conflicts; however, at times, they can get entrenched in their positions and have difficulty understanding each other.

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What is Equity-Informed Community Mediation?

A compassionate and structured process to explore community, neighbor, family, and organizational conflicts.

Because conflict is a part of social and institutional influences, our mediators use an equity framework to engage in discussions of race and social justice.

We don’t provide legal help or enforce laws. We mediate dialogue about a conflict to help folx move forward.

Our Rates

All services are offered at the full rates listed; however, if you’re experiencing financial hardship, please contact us!

Case Development
(All Parties)



For organizations and businesses with an annual budget of less than or equal to $200,000, pay the Community Mediation rate.

The Mediation Process…

* Mediations are voluntary; all parties must consent.
* We do not provide any legal advice.
* All communications, including email and phone, are kept confidential.

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Screen & Review

Our team will review your case. If not approved, a referral or resources will be given.


Approve & Contact

If approved, a mediator will contact you and other parties to gather info about conflict.



Consent is gathered from all parties, and a mediation is scheduled and facilitated.



Follow-up is conducted to see if the case is resolved or if more sessions are needed.

Mediation FAQ’s

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Whether you’re experiencing interpersonal, community, or workplace conflict, we’re here to support. Our mediation services are affordable and accessible to all in the community.

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