Our programs center an equity-informed approach to Community, Workplace and Landlord-Tenant Mediation

Landlord-Tenant Mediation (LTM)

Are you a landlord or property manager looking to maintain healthy relationships with your tenants?

How about a tenant who needs support communicating hardship challenges, accommodations or property maintenance?

Connect with our LTM Program where we aim to support all parties and keep people housed and provide an alternative to eviction court!

Image of two white women in masks speaking to each other while sitting on a couch.

Equity Informed Mediation

Our equity informed mediation program is a supportive, dynamic and engaging way for people (neighbors, coworkers, housemates, etc.) to explore conflict.

At RNW, we believe that conflict doesn’t happen in a vacuum and we are always looking to identify and balance power dynamics, to bridge understanding, and restore trust while centering the most impacted.

Explore your mediation needs with us!