Our Philosophy

Resolutions Northwest provides interactive and engaging workshops to help you or your organization build capacity in conflict resolution, communication, mediation, facilitation, diversity and equity. You can attend a workshop or we can bring one to you. Foster growth and innovation with dignity and equity. Are you looking to build your personal capacity in mediation, conflict resolution, communication, facilitation, or diversity? What about your organization? Do you want to explore institutional biases and disproportionate impacts? Our programs can help you hone your own skills as well as the knowledge, skills and attitudes within your organization.

Community Connection

RNW is devoted to uniting communities of Portland. Learn more.

¿Busca Servicios en Español?

Resolutions Northwest provee servicios de mediación y facilitación en español, junto con capacitaciones para organizaciones, adultos y jóvenes. ¡Contactenos!

RJ Teacher Training

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